How does Our Process work?

We help you sell your distressed, outdated property or home urgently to meet your financial needs all across the USA. We buy homes as-is, so you don’t have to worry about the repairs or renovations before selling your home.


We have already helped hundreds of homeowners with their immediate home selling needs and provided cash offers in 24 hours and money in just seven days. The best thing is there are no agent fees, commissions, hidden charges, or closing costs in the entire process. Instead, you get a fair cash offer on your own terms!

Our Goal

Our goal is to help homeowners get quick access to cash when in need without the burdensome and stressful home selling process. You don’t need to deal with the hassle of property listing and contact the real estate agents. Instead, we do everything from start to finish so that you can relax and focus on your life.

Our Values

At BH Home Buyers, we uphold the traditional family values that you can experience in our dealings. We stick to the values of integrity, mutual respect, professionalism, and transparency, ensuring long-term relationships with our clients just like their family members.

Steps Involved in Our Process

Get in Touch to Provide Information

Get in touch with us to discuss your property and your situation. We request you to provide us the actual pictures, videos, and other details of your home, including your property’s location, repairs it needs, etc. Then, we perform a market analysis to give you the best possible cash offer for your home by using this information. Finally, we give you a fair price offer by conducting a market comparison and thorough research.

Provide a Cash Offer

After reviewing your information and situation, we will give you an offer according to similar home values in your area. Remember that we base this offer on the information that you provide to us. Its totally up to you to reject or accept the offer without obligation because it’s absolutely free. We are open to discussion if you feel that we have given an unfair offer. There is no pressure on you throughout
the process.

Quick Closing

Once you accept our offer, we are delighted to handle the complete process involving paperwork and other necessary documentation. We decide a closing date together that works for both of us. As you take our offer, our expert visits your property for a quick inspection. After we’re done with it, and you sign the agreement, we release the cash, and you receive it in your bank account or any other medium you choose within 7 days.

Ready to Move On

Now that you have sold your home at the best price without paying any fees or commissions, you can move on in your life to start afresh and find a new home.


At BH Home Buyers, our amazing team strives to serve you in the best possible way. Once you receive your funds, you can confidently walk away with the cash because you have sold your home legally and officially. You don’t need to stress about anything related to law or regulations as we comply with state and federal laws regarding property buying and selling.

Have more questions about our process? Then, get in touch with us now. We're always ready to help you!

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